Low-Income People Endangered By Biden’s Radical Agenda

Joe Biden has consistently claimed he’s fighting for low-income Americans and other people who are struggling in this country. As a matter of fact, when Biden was running for president in 2020, he repeatedly claimed that he knew what it felt like to be the “little guy.”

Unfortunately, the president’s policies are having the worst impacts on low-income and struggling Americans. Look no further than inflation, itself. This has the most devastating impact on individuals with scarce financial resources.

The same also applies to gas prices.

Unfortunately, this administration continues to show it has zero issues with using Americans as bargaining chips in order to force through political agendas. This explains Biden’s latest policies regarding federal aid and food to schools.

Dooming the Most Vulnerable to Starvation?
On the current president’s watch, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is modifying how it regards discrimination based upon sex.

In this updated version by the government, transgender reforms (such as letting males play in female sports) have to be adhered to. Otherwise, the USDA will flag recipients of federal food aid as discriminatory.

These reforms conflict with the very realities of biology itself. However, Biden’s been clear that schools and other organizations that fail to fall in line can kiss school lunches goodbye.

This is especially dangerous to families with little income. Many of these families rely on free lunches from schools and other benefits that allow their kids to eat. By the same token, communities at large rely upon the USDA in order to get food to people most in need of it.

It also can’t be missed that this threatened pulling of USDA food assistance comes as food itself is growing increasingly more expensive, thanks to inflation.

Terrible Abuse of a Government Agency
Republicans have pointed out that what Biden’s doing not only constitutes an abuse of the USDA’s power, but it is an attack on children in low-income households.

The USDA has never been involved in transgender policy debates.

Republicans at the state level are currently doing all they can to stop Biden and ensure that poor people don’t starve because the president wanted to make a point.