Machete-Wielding Professor Gets Court Date, Claims To Be The Victim

The professor who infamously threatened a New York Post reporter with a machete has received her court date — though she is still claiming that she is the “victim.”

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office has scheduled a disposition date for 45-year-old Hunter College professor Shellyne Rodriguez. She is being charged with three misdemeanors — “second-degree menacing,” “fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon” and “menacing, which is categorized as a violation,” according to Fox News.

Rodriguez’s troubles with the law began when she attacked two pro-life activists on her college campus. The pro-abortion professor was caught on camera verbally attacking and harassing the students simply for having a table at the college with materials to inform their fellow students about the pro-life cause.

“You’re not educating s—t,” Rodriguez ranted. “This is f—ing propaganda. What are you going to do, like, anti-trans next? Is that what you’re gonna do next?”

“We are talking about abortion,” the male pro-life student replied quietly.

The professor went on to accuse them of “triggering my students” — claiming that showing pro-life materials to students is “violent,” repeatedly cursing at them and shoving the materials off the table before storming off.

Rodriguez was later confronted about her abhorrent behavior at her home by two New York Post reporters. Instead of defending her behavior or simply telling them she had no comment, the professor decided to hold a machete to one of the reporter’s throats, threaten to “chop” him up and chase the two men into the street with the machete.

Even after this clearly illegal behavior, Rodriguez insisted during an interview that she was the victim and the “right-wing” was putting her life in danger by reporting on her actions.

“As much as this incident has stakes for my life, it is ultimately just one part of a broader political struggle taking place across the country. Right wing media organizations are weaponizing and sensationalizing this case to further their agenda, and using me as a prism through which to project their attacks on women, trans people, black people, Latinx people, migrants and beyond,” she argued, claiming that the reporting has “taken a toll on my mental health.”

Rodriguez was fired from her position at Hunter College after the machete incident — but claimed that the firing happened because the university had “capitulated” to “racists, white nationalists and misogynists.”

The professor turned herself in to police on May 25, and her disposition date was set for August 14 of this year. The court also extended the order of protection against Rodriguez for the New York Post reporter, Ruven Fenton, and his photographer, Robert Miller.

Meanwhile, the left is defending the professor — with some even trying to claim that the videos depicting her actions were manipulated. One such claim was made in a statement to ARTnews from Wendy Olsoff, a cofounder of P.P.O.W, the New York gallery representing Rodriguez as an artist.

“Now I feel like nothing has changed and, in fact, the strategies of these organizations have gotten more sophisticated,” the statement read. “Now all organizations, like the AFA [the American Family Association, a Christian organization], have to do is manipulate an iPhone video and characterize Rodriguez as an insane gay black woman professor.”

“With the click of a button, their hateful message of fear, violence, racism, sexism, and homophobia can be sent across the country and the world—meant to target people of color, the LGBTQAI+, women’s rights and anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their agenda,” Olsoff claimed.