Manchin Derangement Syndrome Takes Hold Of The Democrat Party

In the Democrat Party, Joe Manchin may be the most hated individual. Both the White House and Democrats across the United States are enraged that Manchin went on Fox News Sunday and stated he would not vote for the disastrous Build Back Better Act.

Manchin made it clear that he takes issues with the level of spending the legislation entails, coupled with a series of other problems it would exacerbate.

The White House, meanwhile, is having a meltdown. In a public statement recently, they accused Manchin of going back on his word and failing to make good on an alleged promise he made to them to support Biden’s agenda.

As the Democrat Party continues to rage against the West Virginia lawmaker, their Manchin Derangement Syndrome is becoming more than apparent, as PJ Media has documented.

Since Sunday, when Manchin declared he would not be voting for Build Back Better, members of his party have made a series of increasingly outlandish and obscene claims. They’ve called Manchin a traitor and stated that his reasons for not backing Build Back Better are rooted in nonsense.

However, one of the ridiculous assertions of all may be the one that states Manchin has somehow betrayed his constituents in West Virginia by opposing Build Back Better. What Democrats don’t realize, though, is that West Virginia is a very red state.

Manchin has repeatedly maintained that his views and votes are in keeping with his constituents’ best interests and policies back home. Moreover, the West Virginia lawmaker has held that he cannot vote for a bill his constituents can’t advocate for.

Manchin Derangement Syndrome has blinded the Democrat Party. It’s made them incapable of realizing that not everyone is a hard leftist who wants to completely burn the country down and remake it into a communist dystopia.

Not only will Manchin not vote for the Build Back Better Act; the West Virginia Democrat has also been clear that he will not support doing away with the Senate filibuster. Democrats have been pushing for. Yet, they lack the votes to make it happen.

Polls have furthermore shown that Manchin’s constituents in West Virginia want the Senate filibuster to remain as is. Until Republicans can win back more congressional seats, Joe Manchin is the one holding the line against the absolute tyranny and destruction that hard leftists seek to bring to America.