Manchin ‘Dunks On’ The Far Left Yet Again

As 2022 gets started, the country is witnessing leftists reach yet another level of insanity. Following the events of the previous two years, many Americans assumed Democrats couldn’t fall any lower. But that’s what they’ve done.

Democrats, at this very moment, are spreading lies and disinformation about elections in the United States. They are bound and determined to push a bogus narrative that says Republicans are working to disenfranchise minorities from engaging in our nation’s election.

Democrats are then using this bogus narrative as a springing board to promote radical legislation. The election bills the left wants to pass would force taxpayers to fund the political campaigns of the Democrats inadvertently.

The so-called “voting rights” legislation that Democrats so desperately want to see implemented would also make it illegal for states to require a picture ID and other basic election security measures.

The one saving grace here is that the far left does not have the votes in Congress to pass this radical legislation into law. Therefore, they’ve tried to pivot to taking down the filibuster. However, seeing as two Senate Democrats and all 50 Senate GOP members oppose the filibuster’s demise, the far left is, again, without the necessary votes.

It has led to the far left putting pressure on Senate Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, who oppose a filibuster takedown. However, as PJ Media reports, these efforts don’t impact the hard left has been aiming for.

Time after time, Sen. Manchin has been clear that he does not support his party’s agenda to pass the Build Back Better Act or destroy the filibuster. Democrats believe if they put enough heat on the West Virginia lawmaker, he’ll eventually cave.

Manchin seems firm in his resolve, though. On Tuesday, the West Virginia senator told reporters that he’s perplexed by tearing down one rule (the Senate filibuster) to adopt another (the Build Back Better Act and, presumably, Democrats’ electoral takeover proposals).

Later, Manchin noted the extent to which the filibuster permits checks and balances to exist in the federal government. According to the West Virginia senator, if the filibuster goes, one-party control will take its place, whether the party in power is the Democrat Party or the GOP.

Finally, Manchin stated that while he understands members of his party want the filibuster gone, he disagrees.