Manchin Opposes Biden’s EPA Nominees

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is posing an increasing challenge for President Biden and the Democrats in the Senate due to his uphill reelection campaign in West Virginia, a state where former President Trump achieved a significant victory in 2020.

Manchin has been openly critical of Biden and the Democratic Party, publicly expressing his dissent, opposing multiple nominees and recently announcing his opposition to all of the president’s nominations to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In the lead-up to an election where Biden presents himself as a centrist and a reliable choice for the nation, Manchin has criticized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nominees, alleging their pursuit of an “extreme ideology” and voiced his disapproval of the administration’s proposal to restrict greenhouse pollution from established power plants.

These internal critiques from within the party are precisely what President Biden aims to avoid as he strives to unite Democrats in preparation for the 2024 race. Unfortunately, they come at a time when public opinion polls indicate that his support from the general population is rather lackluster.

When questioned about whether President Biden has made any attempts to communicate with Manchin following his declaration to oppose the EPA nominees, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded, “Sen. Manchin is a friend. We are going to continue to have conversations with him. We’re going to continue to have a good relationship.”

As President Biden faces challenges in advancing his legislative priorities due to the GOP-controlled House, he seeks successful confirmations as a talking point for his campaign.

However, Manchin’s threat to impede the progress of nominees, especially considering the Democrats’ narrow majority in the Senate, raises concerns and dampens the prospects of Biden’s agenda.

Supporters of Manchin assert that his recent actions align perfectly with his consistent stance of advocating for the interests of his state.

Jon Kott, a lobbyist and former high-ranking aide to Manchin, said, “Manchin has been fighting the EPA since the day he got in the Senate. Remember, this is the guy who shot the cap-and-trade bill because he’s standing up for West Virginia. This is nothing new.”