Manhattan DA Starts To Get ‘Wobbly’ On Politically Motivated Trump Investigation

If there is anything that everyone should have learned from the Trump years is that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and never believe anyone in the media suggesting that something is finally going to stick to the former President. It’s been challenging to keep track of all the accusations leveled about 45, from Russia Gate to encouraging the January 6 violence.

There have been some rumblings from Rudy Guiliani’s former stomping grounds, at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, of a grand jury investigating President Trump’s real estate dealings and a possible tax evasion case resulting from overvaluation of properties. A ham sandwich can get a grand jury to indict you, as the adage goes.

The rules are structured to favor the prosecution both in its presentation and rules of evidence. It is very relevant given the news that broke this week. Two of the lead Assistant District Attorneys involved in the investigation resigned from the office for unknown reasons. Interestingly, there was a pause in presenting evidence to the Grand Jury for at least a month recently.

The speculation coming out of New York seems that the new head District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has lost interest in the case. Mr. Bragg has been making headlines of his own by decriminalizing lower offenses while crime in New York City skyrockets. Mr. Bragg has suddenly become more concerned about fixing his backyard than chasing his tail on trying to find something on President Trump, who is currently a resident of Florida.

Considering the massive focus on Mr. Trump during his presidency and after, any smoking gun would have been found by now. What remains is an attempt to cobble together cases based on Trump’s massive business dealings and very technical disclosure requirements. Democrats are anxious to find a method to keep President Biden from running for re-election as his poll numbers plummet to levels never seen for a contemporary President.

All in all, my money is on Donald Trump emerging unscathed and running for re-election in 2024.