Many Twitter Workers May Soon Require New Jobs

For quite some time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter looked as though it was done for.

What was initially a fairly smooth deal ground to a halt after Musk accused Twitter of being deceptive about the percentage of bots on its website. Eventually, this led to the businessman calling off the deal altogether.

Not long afterward, Twitter took Musk to court with the intention of forcing him to buy Twitter, despite the disagreements over bots on the platform. Weeks after this occurred, Musk, in spite of fighting back against Twitter’s lawsuit, announced that he’d buy the social media company.

Now, reports allege that once Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is finished, much of its current workforce may be kicked out the company accordingly.

Major Changes Coming to Twitter
Musk reportedly informed investors of his plans to reduce the Twitter workforce from 7,500 to 2,000 people. On top of this, regardless of how the Twitter deal works out, the company is expected to cut some jobs. It’s just a matter of whether more or fewer workers will be sent packing.

Current higher-ups of Twitter are planning to slash $800 million in workers’ expenses before 2024 arrives. This news comes as other tech companies are laying off their workers, with inflation playing a major role in these sorts of decisions.

However, as Musk plans to significantly reduce Twitter’s current workforce, he also aims to grow the company’s user base. Just earlier this year, the businessman revealed his goal of having more than 900 million folks using Twitter by 2028.

Today, Twitter’s user base shakes out to just over 200 million individuals.

Backlash From Musk’s Detractors
From the moment most left-wingers learned that Musk would be buying Twitter, they weren’t at all happy about it. One of the biggest concerns posed by Musk’s detractors was his refusal to embrace heavy censorship of users on the site.

Naturally, amid learning of Musk’s plans to reduce the workforce, his detractors are lashing out. At this rate, it’s hard to imagine the businessman could do anything that would have everyone on board with his acquisition plan.

Fans of Musk, however, are expressing excitement about his upcoming ownership of Twitter, along with the direction he can take the social media site. Musk vows that above all else, freedom of speech will be a leading theme once he’s running Twitter.