Marines Get In Massive Fight Outside Texas Bar

A brawl broke out outside of a nightclub in Austin, Texas, between a group of uniformed U.S. Marines and regular civilians.

A video of the fight shows that this brawl, which occurred outside the Voodoo Room in Austin’s entertainment district, began after a woman took a phone from another person. A Marine then intervened.

Viral footage also reveals that, once the Marine attempted to intervene after someone’s phone was taken, a civilian man in a white shirt then tried to punch another Marine. This man missed. However, it did prompt many of the man’s fellow Marines to defend him.

At first, some of the Marines and civilian men just seemed to swear at each other. Eventually, the situation escalated and a group brawl began. Many of the military men threw punches, as did the civilian men. Some participants of the fight were even knocked to the ground.

However, before things could get too out of hand, Austin Police and Texas Highway Patrol broke up the fight. According to what is seen in the videos of the fight posted to social media, many bystanders ended up cheering for the Marines, who were wearing their uniforms.

At one point, chants of “USA!” are heard in the video.

The police successfully broke up the fight and appeared to have arrested at least one person. However, the police have yet to release any official statement on what happened, or if someone truly was arrested.

The brawl between these Marines and civilians appears to have occurred in the historic Sixth Street in Austin’s entertainment district. Austin has long been a popular hotspot for young people, especially since the University of Texas at Austin, the number one public university in Texas, is there.

However, some analysts recently stated that Austin has become rife with crime, at least in the downtown areas. Businesses in Austin told CBS that rising crime in the area is affecting overall public safety in the city.

As the video of this brawl went viral on social media, many expressed their opinion that Austin had become more violent. However, many also countered this claim.

Earlier this summer, Austin Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety continued their partnership to stop crime in downtown Austin areas, particularly where popular bars, such as the Voodoo Room, are located.