Mark Levin: A “Huge Mobilization” Against Biden’s Marxist Plan

“Joe Biden created every one of these crises you mentioned.” A man on a mission. Mark Levin, author, and BlazeTV host replied to Sean Hannity when asked about Russia, inflation, and all other issues that have come up in the first six months of the Biden Administration.

Levin has a way of calling out the Marxist ideologies that Joe Biden exhibits in an upfront but the informative way and even funny at times. Levin said, “Joe Biden is a human pandemic, and that’s what he is. From the border to the currency to inflation, food, gasoline, toys, plastics, and steel. Go right down the list, he’s opened up pandora’s box to inflation, and that’s a hell of a tough box to shut.” Human pandemic? That isn’t only hilarious but 100% true. Biden has infected the United States and the world with incoherent babble and misinformation about guns, crime, bipartisanship, free speech, the border, and all of the above. Biden claims he wants to rebuild better, but what he wants to do is plunge the country into never-before-seen despair and corrupt the system.

Biden has excused his son’s wrongdoings while claiming that Americans must follow the law. He has nominated a tyrant as AFT Director. He has allowed Kamala Harris to ignore the border while employing federal agents to transport illegal immigrants across the country on planes, never to be seen again. What disaster. And there are three and a half years left.

Levin continued, “But the Democrats are used to these sort of things since they create inflation and recession and depressions all the time taking our money and money that doesn’t even exist and throwing it all over the place to give money to its base as they follow this Marxist ideology of class warfare of oppression, oppressor.”

That statement alone is an exact definition of what America has seen in the past year and a half. Shutdowns and bailouts and giving money to useless endeavors in the name of Covid Relief have been the Democrat’s game. They gave $25 million to Pakistan for gender studies in the middle of a pandemic and gave themselves raises while Americans suffered all for their benefit. Biden has shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline while waiving sanctions on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline, taking away thousands of jobs. Hypocrisy after hypocrisy, but no accountability.

A mere 7 or 8 months ago, Israel was on the approach of signing a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia. Now, Biden has surrounded himself with more anti-Israel activists than there are Yankees fans. In contrast, nobody recalls Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Biden has ignored his promises to his supporters and made enemies with them all in a short six months. America feels different. There’s a different hateful climate in the air that doesn’t seem to go away. There was security in Trump because he stuck to his word and make policies that positively affected everyone.

Biden supports terrorism, and whether it be Palestinian, Iranian, or Black Lives Matter, he’s about it. All, and more, should have been more reasons that Biden should have never been elected, and there is hope that impeachment will come soon.