Mark Milley Admits Reason He Made Secret Calls To China Behind Trump’s Back

General Mark Milley has been grilled by the Senate Armed Services Committee and admits some interesting things. Along with admitting that President Joe Biden was made aware of suggestions to keep an armed military presence in Afghanistan, Milley was told to resign.

Milley did admit to calling the Chinese Communist Party military leadership and telling them that he would let them know of any possible attack but defended his treasonous actions. Milley said that he is aware of his legal authority to be the President’s military adviser and admitted that after his call with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, he met with key staff to refresh themselves on the procedures Milley said they use daily. Milley said that he immediately advised Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and said that at no time was he trying to usurp authority, change the plan, or insert himself in the chain of command. Still, he’s aware that it’s his job to inform and advise the President of military matters.

Milley decided this would be a good time to say that he upholds his oath to the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and he would never turn his back on that path.

So what Milley did was divert all responsibility and wrongdoing. His lack of leadership is astounding, and he should be charged with treason. Milley refused to resign because he said it would be of undue servitude to resign under political protest. That’s not why he needs to resign, but that’s what Milley heard.

Milley said that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a logistical success but a strategic disaster. It’s the strategic part that Americans are concerned about. That’s the reason he should resign along with other military leaders. Strategically it would benefit the United States citizens to have someone in charge that deserves the position and uses their best judgment rather than go against the President of the United States while bowing down to the next President. That’s the act of political servitude that Milley needs to understand. Milley cost 13 service members their lives because of his undue allegiance to Biden while going behind former President Donald Trump’s back to warn the Chinese government of any attacks. That’s why Milley should be charged with treason.

During the entire hearing, it seemed that Milley was taken back by some of the questions asked and wasn’t prepared. It’s been a month since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the fact that Milley wasn’t about to give clear answers is astonishing. He and the Democrats don’t care about accountability as long as they’re in charge.