Maryland Gov. Slammed For His Latest Vaccine Message

Threats of lockdowns from our governmental leaders are getting ridiculous and unprecedented. You have no right or privilege as an elected official to threaten the people of the United States. You were elected to represent, not to threaten, your constituents.

Maryland has 4 million residents who have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Maryland’s Governor isn’t pleased with his state. He can’t mandate that anyone get the vaccine, and every piece of information is available to every citizen, so if someone wants to get vaccinated, they will get vaccinated. No local, state, or federal government has any authority over what goes into someone’s body and will not make that choice for anyone. It is the most recent example of governmental control.

Politicians have gotten used to telling Americans what we’re going to go unchecked. It’s time to check them, and lawsuits are the likely remedy. A federal judge in Pennsylvania has already ruled that the parts of Governor Tom Wolf’s Covid-19 lockdown were unconstitutional to include shutting down the business and limiting how many people can gather together. Federal court isn’t a joke, and when case law is created, it can last for many years.

The federal government isn’t any different. They rely on compliance for many things, such as gun buyback programs to limit the number of guns in the street. They pressure citizens into willingly giving up rights because they can’t break the Constitution.

It happens a lot of times in local scenarios. Many local municipalities said police would pull people over if they were seen on the roads after a particular time, but that’s against the law. To conduct a traffic stop, reasonable suspicion or probable cause must exist that the driver, or passengers, are committing a crime. We’re years outside of the stop and frisk nightmare, so that can’t happen. Every time a governmental body tries to bypass the Constitution, the supreme court sides with the citizen.

About Hogan’s message, vaccines don’t protect against Covid-19 infection or transmission, although they may decrease the severity. Many more years of testing and data are necessary to determine the efficiency of the Covid-19 vaccine, and until then, the government can’t mandate that you have to get it.