Mask Mandates Are On Their Last Leg

From the start, the credibility of mask mandates was questionable. Proponents of mandatory masking claimed that wearing face coverings would stop the spread. However, in 2020, infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci was all over the place when it came to mask-wearing.

First, he declared that masks were unnecessary and wouldn’t be effective. Then, weeks later, Fauci changed his mind and decided that everyone should wear a mask. Eventually, the so-called health official even got to the point where he endorsed “double-masking.”

Like other authoritarian COVID rules, mask mandates are highly unpopular. Many people worldwide don’t want despotic governments demanding them to wear masks over their noses and mouths.

Within the past several weeks, health officials have changed their minds on masking, now stating that cloth masks lack effectiveness and only medical-grade masks can stop the spread.

Conveniently, various blue states are now walking back the mask mandates they had in effect. As confirmed by Breitbart News, the only state that has not followed this path is Hawaii.

In the state of Hawaii, individuals are mandated to wear face masks when they’re within indoor settings. They’re also advised to cover their noses and mouths in environments where social distancing isn’t feasible.

Nevertheless, with every other state having taken down mask mandates in one way or another, this naturally puts pressure on Hawaii to follow suit. According to Hawaii Democrat Governor David Ige, he is talking with the state’s health department to determine the best time to roll back the mandate.

With that said, the state is loosening some other restrictions. On Monday, individuals in Maui county were freed from the decree of showing vaccination papers to work out in gyms or dine at restaurants.

One major downfall for mask mandates has been leaders who endorse and enact these guidelines to then later break them. Therefore, it leaves the question of why anyone should follow a mask mandate when the creators of these mandates don’t even follow them.

Likewise, the world is entering a time of overall fatigue and exasperation regarding all the restrictions that have been pushed on people since 2020. At some point, enough is enough.

It is why the world is seeing protests and uprisings in one way or another, with everyday people demanding for these mandates to stop. Many people on a global scale will be pleased when mask mandates have been completely phased out.