Mass Shootings Erupt Across Left-Wing Communities

Since 2020, various left-wing cities across America put in place controversial public safety measures that made everyday living much more dangerous. These measures included defunding the police, cutting back on bail requirements, and even letting prisoners out of jail altogether.

Democrats claimed these policies were about equity and justice. However, they were repeatedly warned that such reforms would only put people in danger. These warnings are unfortunately proving true and playing out in real-time.

Left-wing communities have gotten so dangerous that businesses like Rite Aid and Starbucks are leaving them in droves. Meanwhile, just over Labor Day weekend alone, many cities run by Democrats suffered mass shootings.

A Bloody Labor Day Weekend For Blue America
The Gun Violence Archives reports that left-wing cities (such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Charleston) experienced shootings where at least four people suffered gunshot injuries or death.

However, of all this past weekend’s mass shootings, the worst one of all happened in St. Paul, Minnesota. Like many other communities impacted by mass shootings amid Labor Day weekend, St. Paul is run by a leftist mayor who’s known for being soft on crime.

In Philadelphia, nearly one dozen people lost their lives in a mass shooting, with one minor suffering injuries.

Cities like Chicago are well-known for having strict gun control measures on the books. Yet, Chicago also has shootings happening on a regular basis. It’s become par for the course under the leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) who apparently holds no plans to fix this.

Opening Pandora’s Box
When Democrats insisted on slashing police funding and making it easier for criminals to get back on the streets even after facing arrest, this opened the door to current crime rates.

Furthermore, gun control measures that block law-abiding individuals from firearms ownership are not impacting criminals who have no regard for these laws.

If gun control was truly the answer to the mass shootings seen over Labor Day weekend and many times before, cities like Chicago and Philadelphia would be some of the safest communities across America.

Despite these mass shootings, Democrats are showing few signs of actually putting into place policies that hold criminals accountable. For this reason alone, soaring crime rates are projected to continue.