Massive Surge Of African Migrants Crossing US Border Through Central America

Biden’s border crisis now welcomes tens of thousands of illegal African migrants who are flying across the Atlantic to march into the U.S. through Central America.

The New York Times reported 2023 saw a record number of illegal migrants take advantage of Biden’s open borders. The Friday piece noted that 58,462 Africans were apprehended at the nation’s southern border, a startling increase from 13,406 in 2022.

Part of the reason for the massive influx is European Union countries tightening their border controls as natives rise up against unchecked migration.

The mainly Central African surge typically lands in Nicaragua to avoid the treacherous Darien Gap crossing between Columbia and Central America. African migrants told the outlet that they borrowed money or sold small businesses to afford the airline ticket.

Nicaragua offers low-cost visas, a further attraction to fly north of the traditional landing site.

And they know well that once they arrive, most will simply be released into the interior of the U.S.

Ira Mehlman is part of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. He explained to The Daily Wire that the word is out in far-flung corners of the globe that the Biden administration has flung the southern border wide open.

As he noted, “Everybody around the world got the message: ‘come to the United States illegally, enter a bogus asylum claim, you’ll be released, you’ll be given work authorization within 180 days, you’ll get to remain here, and the longer you’re here the more you can establish other claims to remain.”

December saw a staggering all-time record of 302,000 border encounters as the red carpet continued to be rolled out.

While Democrats continue to sit on their hands, Republicans loudly call for the administration to protect the nation’s security. There are some now demanding a government shutdown if the border is not brought under control.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) visited the border on Wednesday, and while he threw cold water on fears of such an action, he declared the border must be properly addressed.