Matthew Dowd Reveres A Woke Icon Appearing RINOs And Democrats Are Fools

Matthew Dowd is a pundit, which means he gets paid to blow a smokescreen while RINOs can fleece their donors. He is also a consultant, which means he gets paid when he can get in on the action. He was the chief strategist for the Bush 2004 presidential campaign. What does that tell you about? 

He is running for lieutenant governor of Texas as a Democrat against the incumbent, Dan Patrick. He tweeted that if Jesus were here today, he would be blamed for being woke. 

Dowd thinks that evil traditionalists and conservatives, the people who read the Bible and practice Christianity, would censure Jesus. He thinks that Jesus would be called “woke” for asserting that human beings are equal. Dowd takes a doctrine. Human beings are made in the image of God and have equal value regardless of their gender or race and turn it into a liberal political policy prescription.  

He was in church on Sunday. He was sitting and contemplating the divine when a prophetic voice dawned upon him like a light from above, or he decided to go off script and step on a rake. He then tweeted that human fairness, approaching all people with respect and nobility, implies that all people are equal. Thus BLM, CRT, and LGBT positions and identity politics must be asserted. 

Wokism is the new liberalism, and it is the religion of leftists. Dowd got slammed by Christian opponents who pushed back on anti-Christian policies supported by Democrats. 

Jesus would disapprove of individuals who ruthlessly kill a child because of their inconvenience. Jesus would say life starts at conception. In Psalm 139:13, scripture teaches, “For you created my inner being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Jesus said that there are two genders, and marriage is between one man and one woman. “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ in Matthew 19:4.

Racialism promoted by woke social justice warriors is used to judge people by the shade of their skin. That is a rejection of human equality, not acceptance, and tolerance for differences.  

Jesus died on the cross for our transgressions. Wokism loves to sin. Christians hold firm to God’s promise and are blessed. Leftists hate religion and would call Jesus a bigot and hater. 

Dowd came back for more, claiming that your belief system or authoritative opinions push you to characterize your confidence and enthusiasm by whom you disdain. He tells his opponents that you should investigate whether you are an individual of conscience or a true patriot like he is. What vile nonsense. 

Last week Democrats got trounced in Virginia and across the country, including New Jersey. They lost in Long Island, NY; Minneapolis, MN; and even Seattle, WA. James Carville, former Clinton strategist and currently the Ragin’ Cajun of CNN, was irritated by the idiotic leftist wokeness. Sorry, Jimbo, you made your bed. Now sleep in it. Terry McAuliffe lost in Virginia because liberalism was outed to protect and promote physical assault in the guise of gender confusion.