Maxine Waters Tweets Her Twitter Account Was Erased From Her Not-Erased Twitter Account

Those who can do. Those who can’t teach. But this week, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) tweeted something that might put a spin on the adage: Those who can’t legislate. Maxine Waters apparently can’t even tap the Twitter icon on her phone, look at her timeline, and see her tweets. Over the week, the Democratic congresswoman played herself.

On Tuesday, political Twitter was treated to a delightfully awkward gaffe that frankly blows “covfefe” way out of the water for geriatric luddite optics. Maxine Waters tweeted out, apparently panicking that she had been the victim of Twitter account hackers.

The tweet was sent from Waters’ healthily-functioning, definitely-not-hacked Twitter account. And her timeline was very readily available at the URLs and in Twitter’s apps. Is Maxine Waters honestly someone we should be trusted with the nuclear codes?

Okay, congresscritters don’t hold the nuclear codes. Still, they get to decide how much money to steal from hard-working individuals, families, and businesses through confiscatory taxation and other schemes to soak the productive like Federal Reserve note inflation and debt monetization, à la AOC’s Modern Monetary Theory.

They also sponsor bills written by corporate lobbyists to set rules for highly specialized, multi-billion-dollar industries operating in super high tech, infinitely complex global economies. These are industries that legislators like Maxine Waters have absolutely no direct knowledge or experience of, and laughably (if it weren’t so sad) very little in the way of even basic research about what they’re regulating to back up their policies.

A long-time supporter and operator of explicitly centrally-planned communist banking, Waters chairs the House Financial Services Committee, one of Congress’ most corrupt bodies. Socialized finance is one of the worst deceptions Washington politicians and Wall Street bankers have imposed on the American people.

Why should Maxine Waters, the yearly winner of a popularity contest in Los Angeles, one of the most corrupt and depraved places in human history, wield such authority over millions of people and trillions of dollars? The career politician can’t even use something as simple as the Twitter app for Android without getting hilariously confused.

Twitter released a statement denying that Waters’ account had been erased, confirming for everyone in the world except for Maxine Waters what they already knew because they can use their thumb and their eyes and their brains in the most basic way correctly.

The Twitter press release included some boilerplate like, “we have open lines of communication with her office and have worked with them to ensure the account is secure.” It concluded, “At this time, we’ve identified no signs of account compromise.”

But the big mystery remains: Who did Maxine Waters think it was that hacked her not-hacked account? Roll on the floor laughing while trying to guess.