McEnany: Jen Psaki Is ‘Debbie Downer’ for Depressing Press Conferences

Former Donald Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Friday compared successor Jen Psaki’s personality at press briefings to Saturday Night Live’s Debbie Downer character.

On her Fox News show Outnumbered, McEnany expressed her frustration with Psaki’s droning on about Ukraine, inflation, and soaring gas prices. Her advice is for the administration to be “strong on the world stage” and to correct issues at home.

Then she referenced Debbie Downer. The SNL character was portrayed by Rachael Dratch from 2004 to 2020 and became the caricature of a person who takes a depressing view on everything.

McEnany shared that whenever she turns on press briefings, she’s faced with “Deeeeeebbie downer.” Winnie the Pooh’s buddy Eeyore is another good comparison, but might be too dated for present-day pop culture.

The likening of Psaki to fictional pessimists is cute, but far more serious is the way the corporate media fawns over Biden’s press secretary after taking every opportunity to hammer McEnany whenever she stood at the podium.

For example, when Psaki tested positive for COVID-19 late last year, it was mildly received by the press and presented as a non-story, which of course it was. Contrast that with the explosion of criticism when McEnany came down with coronavirus.

Both regularly tested negative, both spoke maskless from the podium, and while Psaki disclosed “mild” symptoms, McEnany was asymptomatic.

CNN, the self-proclaimed most trusted name in news, ranted the McEnany ailment was a “stark reminder” that the Trump administration “flouted science and best practices.” The network’s Brian Stelter, who is never confused with the voice of reason, called McEnany’s actions “outrageous” and used words like “coverup” and “denialism” to slam the White House for a diagnosis with zero symptoms.

Ben Tracy of CBS wailed that he felt safer in North Korea than in the White House. Really?

McEnany’s remarks on Outnumbered were likely more to the point on the administration’s need to take strong global positions and handle problems at home. No doubt the former press secretary is amused at the harsh contrast between the legacy media’s gnashing of teeth over her every word compared with their fawning over her successor. After all, who would like to explain this administration’s actions to the country every day?

Now THAT’s a downer.