Media Imagines Trump Crimes While Ignoring Criminal Biden Family

Joe Biden and his family are every bit as corrupt as the media wants you to believe Trump is.

Donald Trump was always targeted by the Democrats and the corporate media even before the 2016 elections.

It is now being confirmed by the Durham investigation that the Clinton campaign worked to deceive federal investigators into accepting false information.

The Obama administration tried to find ways to attack him through a spying campaign.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, the corporate media slammed him for everything he did. The media never left Trump alone. From twitter to his private life, he faced unprecedented hate and anger, fanned by lies and a mainstream media happy to peddle those lies.

On the basis of “fake news” of the Russian coalition, democrats tried to impeach former president Trump; not once, but twice. All the while, constantly trying to damage the public image by attacking his wife, son, daughter and son-in-law.

Everything was a lie.

On the contrary, there are other actual scandals involving the Biden family that demand additional attention but are simply ignored by the corporate media. There are physical receipts of the Biden family engaging in dubious financial activities overseas and benefitting from links with affirmed foes, yet the press seems unconcerned.

But when Hunter Biden’s laptop with proof of overseas accounts and potentially traitorous business deals were revealed, the media tried to downplay the story, so as not to hurt Biden in the 2020 election.

The Media called it “Russian disinformation”. But two years later, and they now reluctantly say it might have been true all along — we certainly know the videos are real.

Hunter used his father’s political connections to make business deals with Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs, which was obvious even before the laptop surfaced.

Hunter has made millions with no explanation of where that money came from. He assisted his Chinese associates in making a deal for a Cobalt mine in Congo. He received millions from Moscow’s former mayor’s wife and was also making $50,000 a month being a board member at Burisma Holdings while having zero experience.

That’s not all. An energy company CEFC, channeled money to a company owned by Hunter Biden. CEFC Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General Dr. Partick Ho Chi Ping was recently arrested for bribery and for embezzling millions of dollars. This was to gain political advantage for a chinese energy company, CEFC.

The mainstream media is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to Joe Biden and his family. But when it comes to Trump, they are happy to let their imaginations run wild.