Medical Fascists Continue Moving COVID-Related Goalposts

For the past two years, medical fascists dressed up as “health officials” have been using COVID to take the American public for a ride.

At every turn, they have moved the goalposts on the necessary measures to contain COVID, subdue COVID, and get back to everyday life. First, they professed that 15 days to slow the spread would fix the problem.

Then, 15 days to slow the spread turned into shutdowns, school closures, and business closures. Next came the mask mandates. Then came the COVID vaccine that medical fascists declared would be key to stopping the pandemic.

Since the COVID vaccine has been administered globally, at least two new strains of COVID, omicron and delta, have been used. In response to these strains, medical fascists are saying Americans need to get COVID booster shots in addition to regular vaccinations.

As documented by TheBlaze, Anthony Fauci has announced yet another shift of the COVID-related goalposts.

For some time, medical fascists stated that a fully vaccinated individual had both doses of the COVID vaccine. However, Fauci announced days ago that this is about to change.

In a plot twist that many patriots anticipated, the medical community will soon change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to mean an individual who has taken the initial COVID vaccines, in addition to the booster vaccinations.

It is on-brand for Fauci and other so-called health officials. They can’t keep their stories straight, and there’s always one more thing people are told to do “for their safety.”

Already, with the emergence of the omicron variant, there is talk about the healthcare community coming out with a vaccine for this variant. How much longer will it be before the term “fully vaccinated” is again updated to include individuals who have the original COVID vaccines, the boosters, and the omicron vaccine, along with any potential boosters for the omicron vaccine.

Many Americans are understandably fed up with medical fascists who keep finding new ways to impose more control and limits on Americans. Yet, the only way out of this is for enough folks to stand up and refuse to play along.

If someone wants to get vaccinated, they have every right to do this. However, neither the government nor the private sector has the right to demand that anyone take a COVID vaccine, booster shots, etc.

Fauci and other medical fascists will continue playing this game for as long as they can. However, what they say becomes meaningless when enough Americans refuse to listen or go along with it. There are more of us than there are of them.