Mel Gibson Defends Excommunicated Conservative Archbishop Vigano

Actor Mel Gibson has publicly expressed his support for Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a conservative Catholic leader who was excommunicated by the Vatican last Friday. The excommunication followed accusations of schism against Viganò, who has been a vocal critic of Pope Francis. The Vatican cited his refusal to recognize the authority of the Pope and his questioning of the legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council as reasons for the excommunication.

Gibson, known for his staunch Catholic beliefs, praised Viganò in a heartfelt letter, calling him a “most courageous hero.” “I hope you will continue to say Mass and receive the sacraments yourself — it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post conciliar church,” Gibson wrote. He expressed sympathy for Viganò’s public suffering and lauded his defense of traditional Catholic teachings and criticism of what Gibson sees as the illegitimacy of Pope Francis.

In his letter, Gibson compared Viganò to Athanasius, a 4th-century Christian leader known for defending orthodox theology against Arianism, which led to multiple exiles. Gibson’s comparison underscores his view that Viganò’s excommunication is a mark of honor rather than a punishment.

Viganò himself has shown no signs of repentance. Last month, he stated, “I regard the accusations against me as an honor,” indicating his steadfastness in his beliefs.

LifeSiteNews, which first reported on Gibson’s letter, confirmed its authenticity with Gibson. The actor’s public support adds a high-profile voice to the ongoing debate within the Catholic Church about its leadership and direction.