Melania Trump Has a Message About Media Bias

For years on end, the mainstream media has been called out for the continuous bias that’s present in its reports and coverage.

It’s no secret that left-wing outlets treat Republicans and Democrats very differently. Nine times out of ten, networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, and others will go to the ends of the earth to defend left-wing officials.

Conservatives, on the other hand, almost never get this special treatment from the same outlets.

The bias of the media is why former President Trump began calling it “fake news” several years ago. However, even with Trump out of office, the clear bias continues to this day.

It is something that former first lady Melania Trump reacted to during a recent interview with Fox News.

Melania Trump on Bias in the Mainstream Media
During a sit-down with Fox & Friends, the former first lady was questioned about how her treatment from the media varies from the treatment of current first lady Jill Biden.

The same question was also extended to how the press handles members of the Biden administration, compared to how they approached members of the Trump administration.

The former first lady’s responses to these lines of questioning were direct and to the point. Trump explained that mainstream media outlets are “biased” with their own preferences.

Trump also pointed out that despite the current first lady already having landed on Vogue, Trump, herself, had other things to focus on. The former first lady told Fox News that her mission in the White House was about helping people and promoting the Foster the Future initiative.

Finally, Trump noted how the mainstream media’s bias is clear for all to see. After stating that she’s used to being routinely criticized no matter what she does, the former first lady confirmed her focus lies in moving forward.

A Demand For Alternative Media
To many conservatives across the United States, these latest remarks from Melania Trump ring a bell. They are also a key reason why the demand for alternative media outlets has arisen.

To this day, growing numbers of conservatives and right-wing Americans are tuning into sites like Newsmax, One American News Network, and others for daily updates.

Meanwhile, mainstream platforms like CNN are taking various losses, such as the recent failure of the CNN+ streaming service.

So long as mainstream media outlets continue with clear and undebatable bias, Americans and the free market will adapt accordingly.