Merrick Garland Is How The Liberal Legal System Works To Use The Law To Beat Americans

The recent radical testimony to Congress by Merrick Garland has highlighted the liberal approach to the law. He avoids answering any direct questions, which is a violation of his oath of office and treasonous. In his actions, he attacks American citizens, giving you a clear picture of how he was educated and indoctrinated to view the law. 

Liberal justices, like Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, follow the Merrick Garland playbook on the Supreme Court. These foolish Marxists legislate from the bench to accomplish the same goals that Garland implements at the United States Attorney General. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other liberals on the court did that very same thing for decades. 

If you want to know what a legal pincer move would look like, imagine Garland and a liberal DOJ working together. He gives you a clear what an out-of-control AG would do if the court would allow him to go nuts and run roughshod over American rights. Thank God for Donald Trump and his nominees Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch. 

When Antonin Scalia died, the Senate led by conservatives did not hold a confirmation hearing, thus denying Obama’s bid to make the court into a liberal activist institution by adding Garland. President Donald Trump instead nominated Neil Gorsuch.  

Garland is currently entangled in political controversy to testify that the FBI is researching, tracking, monitoring, and investigating parents. Your FBI, promoting Fraud, Blacklisting, and Insurrections led by Christopher Wray, calls parents homegrown terrorists and militia members who want to instill fear and oppress School Boards. 

Parents across America are pushing back and fighting against the National School Boards Association, which has demanded that parents stop trying to educate their kids or provide them with a solid moral foundation. Wokism through LBTQ+ and CRT agendas are being implemented as Marxist praxis in K-12 schools by teachers whose liberal system of youth corruption has co-opted. 

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AK) said, “Thank God you’re not on the Supreme Court!” during a Wednesday Senate hearing. Cotton rightly lit into AG Merrick Garland. He reminded him that he was denied a seat on the Supreme Court in 2016 under President Barack Obama because he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And Garland has proven that assessment correct. In one of the most important moves of his less than stellar career, Republican Senator Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell prevented Garland from ascending to the SCOTUS and becoming a little petty legal dictator for life. 

Cotton disparaged Garland calling his exhibition of classless prevarication dishonorable. He demanded that Garland leave his position and resign in shame. 

Garland’s letter to the Equity Office supported the FBI manufacturing dangers and terrorizing parents who refuse to allow School Boards to cover up the rape of their teenage daughters. 

He referred to news reports instead of the NSBA as his data source on parents attacking School Boards, which never happened. Cotton raised one of the high-profile dads, Scott Smith. Police arrested him because he spoke out in anger at a School Board meeting demanding answers to how his little girl was physically attacked in a young ladies’ restroom by a young man wearing women’s clothing. They are lucky that he didn’t lose his mind and go postal. Protecting young women from physical assault should concern everyone, but Garland blew it off and instead attacked parents. 

Garland will not correct the actions of the FBI or DOJ even after the NSBA issued a statement that they regret sending the unfounded memo. 

He avoided saying he was sorry that the Smith family endured this sick and tragically avoidable assault. He communicated his general compassion toward their circumstance, quipping that anybody whose kid is assaulted is entitled to speak up. That is the limp reply you get from someone who only plays games with the law.