MI Study: Schools With Mask Mandates Same Case Rates

It should put an end to any controversy about whether masking students at school is appropriate when they are a minor at-risk group to get sick from or spread coronavirus.

The state of Michigan did the study and published the results last week, showing that schools with mask mandates in effect had “similar” case rates of coronavirus infection as those whose parents and school board members didn’t love them as much this year.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Michigan Disease Surveillance System examined state coronavirus data from school students ages 5 through 18. They published the results in “Michigan COVID Response Data and Modeling Update” on Dec 14. You can read the study’s results yourself on the state’s website.

“Case rates in 5–18-year-olds have become more similar across mask rule types,” the state reported. Writing for TheBlaze, Paul Sacca says that schools with “few/no mask rules” had fewer 7-day average cases per 100,000 than schools where the kids’ parents love them more, or the ones with parents of middling love for their children, with “partial mask rules.”

Follow the science, biatches.

It is the science right here, and it’s from a state government too, a pretty blue state’s government even. It doesn’t get more unbiased than that to find results that show the mask mandates are not stopping or slowing the spread of coronavirus in public schools.

So it’s time to start following the science. We’ve heard that for two years straight. Good, now hold them to it. They said we have to follow science. As time goes on, science continues to confirm what the odd assortment of anti-coronavirus hysteria people were saying all along from the very beginning.

The science is proving them right on the effectiveness of masks and mask mandates and failing to produce any conclusive evidence that masks work to contain or slow the spread of coronavirus through a population. It’s proving them right on natural immunity and herd immunity.

The science is proving them right on vaccine hesitancy, on not getting a coronavirus vaccine if you’re healthy and have already had the infection, and on lockdowns. So it’s tough to believe that Dr. Fauci represents science on any of this. He’s representing one side of a controversy’s opinion at best.

And if it’s this controversial, drastic, and not supported by the facts the scientists are gathering, then don’t do it to kids in public schools. Scientists love their experiments, and politicians love experimenting with democracy too but don’t experiment on people’s children in schools. Can Americans not agree to that?