Michigan Governor Whitmer “Can’t Outrun” Her Political Problems

Like a series of governors across the United States, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is up for re-election this year. However, unlike many governors, especially Republicans, Whitmer isn’t doing well.

A poll tracking the views of Michigan voters shows that fewer than five in ten would vote for Whitmer to serve a second term as governor. It comes as the Michigan Republican Party repeatedly lays into the governor for her heavy-handed COVID mandates, failed campaign promises, and strong support for Biden and his reforms.

However, Whitmer is now taking an alternate approach to stay in the office. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Governor Whitmer has been spotted trying to drum up donations in none other than California.

Despite all of the mandates and restrictions Governor Whitmer put for Michigan, COVID still hit her state hardback in November. Interestingly enough, Whitmer’s response was to take trips to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In doing this, the Michigan Democrat governor managed to collectively fundraise capital to the tune of more than $220,000. Meanwhile, as Whitmer enjoyed her time in California, public opinion began turning against her.

Many people rightfully pointed out that Whitmer’s mandates were authoritarian and ineffective. Meanwhile, the Michigan Republican Party started Whitmer’s fundraising in California. According to the Michigan GOP, Whitmer is more interested in advancing her political career than being an effective leader for Michiganders.

While Whitmer may be able to get along with California liberals, the votes she needs to remain in office are from the people of Michigan.

Quite frankly, Whitmer’s governorship is a strong case as to why Michigan residents should vote her out of the office and flip the state back red. Not only did the governor force residents of her state to endure very stringent mandates, but she also consistently violated these mandates.

Back in 2020, Whitmer told Michigan residents to steer clear of travel as a means of protecting themselves against COVID. However, this directive didn’t stop the Michigan governor herself from flying down to Florida to see her parents.

What’s more, Whitmer is far from an outlier when it comes to Democrats breaking their own COVID rules. If the Michigan governor isn’t going to abide by the mandates she puts in place, then no one else should.

In November, the people of Michigan will have a chance to vote Whitmer out once and for all. Time will tell whether or not they make the right call.