Mika Beclowns Herself in Seven Words

Everyone knows that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of the Democrat party. As the years have progressed journalists have gone from subtly slanting coverage one way or another, to currently going full partisan. Sometimes they go too far for even their own base. Take this tweet by Mika Brzezinski.

Comparing Biden to Reagan is like comparing Kamala Harris to, well, any vice president ever. No one is buying it. Reagan had a coherent cold war strategy of forcing the U.S.S.R. into an arms race that they could not win economically. It is said that the idea was born on Air Force one when he learned that the U.S.S.R. had an economy the size of Italy. Regardless of if the story is true or not, Reagan followed the strategy dogmatically until the fall of the Berlin wall.

President Biden barely has a coherent strategy on remembering where he is, let alone on engaging a nuclear peer in a geopolitical proxy war. His comms team is on constant clean-up duty after every public appearance, either he is improvising prepared remarks, aka the ‘minor incursion’ speech, or dodging his handlers and answering questions shouted at him by reporters, aka Putin is a war criminal. Biden’s ineptitude is only matched by his plummeting poll numbers. His administration is polling at some of the worst numbers in history.

The public has had enough of exploding gas prices and supply chain problems. Reagan also faced similar problems as well as the Russian threat. Biden is failing on both counts. Can anyone picture Ronald Reagan giving a speech from a fake Oval Office?

The media treats everything abnormal about Biden’s presidency as completely normal in a giant gas lighting operation for the American people. The only problem is that you cannot hide the price of gas or groceries. No one is hiding the war in Ukraine either and as the carnage threatens to spill into a wider conflict, even some democrats are wishing for Reagan to be in charge. Or dare I say it, Donald Trump? One thing is for certain, Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan.