Military Members Are Weighing in on Low Recruitment Levels

It’s no secret that a robust and prepared US Armed Forces is vital to this country’s national security. A strong military ensures that America is readily equipped for self-defense and for preserving our national interests.

Unfortunately, the military today is in more trouble than it’s been for quite some time. One of the more serious issues is low recruitment levels. Without new recruits, the military isn’t able to do its job as effectively, which opens the door to all sorts of problems.

Yet, while higher-ups in the military scratch their heads and wonder what’s happening, US service members are explaining exactly why recruitment levels are tanking.

The Perfect Storm
In just the Army alone, the next two years are expected to witness a 40,000 deficit in necessary recruits. This will follow Fiscal Year 2022, which is projected to incur a 10,000 troop deficit. Projections for Fiscal Year 2023 are even worse.

The Combined Arms Center’s Maj. Charles Spears is now providing some insight into the multiple factors hurting the military in this regard. For starters, only 9% of young people have actually considered serving in the Armed Forces, to begin with.

Then, only 23% of young people are qualified to serve without concessions being made. This is owing to both health and lifestyle factors. It also doesn’t help matters that COVID-19 mitigation strategies hurt recruiters’ abilities to go out and promote military service to the country.

The Woke Takeover of the Armed Forces
Servicemembers who aren’t majors also have their own views on why the military recruitment rates are lagging. Disputes about the 2020 presidential election and COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been widely cited as factors.

Then, there’s the military taking stances on hot-button issues like Roe v. Wade and transgenderism. The heavily political, openly woke views the military now publicly adopts are alienating people who might have otherwise signed up to serve their country.

The Department of Defense also stands accused of adopting policies and views that very much work against America’s best interests. These problems aren’t mutually exclusive to the Army, by any means.

As many Army members warn, the entire Armed Forces is dealing with low recruitment rates. If some serious changes aren’t made within the military, the United States’ future and national security look pretty bleak.