Military Swears ‘Wokeness’ Isn’t The Reason Behind Drop In Recruitment

While the U.S. Army’s recruitment goal has hit a three-year low, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff insist that the military’s promotion of woke politics has nothing to do with the problem.

The military has been caught pushing woke gender ideology in their training, and many members of the military have even gone viral for outrageous and shocking scandals that fall in line with the radical left’s push for degeneracy.

In exclusive interviews with Defense One as part of an annual State of Defense series, two military leaders discussed the drop in recruitment — putting forth their own theories about the problem and insisting that wokeness had nothing to do with it.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. C.Q. Brown claimed that his branch is building a team for every service member “no matter their background.”

Meanwhile, a recent survey revealed half of Americans believe that “woke practices” are “undermining military effectiveness.”

Marine Commandant Gen. David Berger asserted that this was not true, claiming that there was no impact of “woke-ism” on the military.

“I don’t see it. I don’t hear it. They’re not talking about it. It’s not a factor for them at all,” Berger claimed during a panel discussion Saturday at the Reagan National Defense Forum. “I don’t see a conversation or an impact of woke-ism in the rank and file, at all.”

Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, who is in charge of marketing in the Army, claims that the recruitment problem is due to relevance, not woke ideology.

“They ‘just don’t see the Army as something that’s relevant,’ Fink claimed. ‘They see us as revered, but not relevant, in their lives.’”

However, despite the assurances of these military leaders, evidence shows that the woke ideology that has seeped into the military has caused a purge in the ranks — which likely dissuaded many conservative-minded Americans from signing up.

While the hostility toward conservatives among the higher ranks of the military has been underway for some time, the problem became much worse after the January 6 Capitol protests. As it was assumed that the individuals participating in the protests were conservatives, and it was found that several attendees at former President Donald Trump’s speech that day were military veterans, the military began to purge conservatives.

Within weeks of the protests, a directive was issued by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs head Gen. Mark Milley demanding that the Pentagon hold a one-day civilian stand-down “to discuss extremism in the ranks with their personnel” and to “rid our ranks of racists and extremists.”

In an effort to remove wrong-think from the military, Austin doubled down on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training in the ranks.

According to a whistleblower who spoke with Congress, these military diversity videos depicted America and White people as “inherently evil.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby defended the racist and divisive training, claiming that it was “essential for recruiting the ‘right people’ in its duty to defend the nation.”

“We want you to be able to do it free of hate and fear and discrimination,” he asserted, obviously ignoring the fact that the training was discriminatory and hateful towards White people.

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) blasted the Biden administration’s “woke” agenda and accused the undersecretaries of the three military branches of “politicizing” the military.

“The offspring of identity politics, which is incredibly divisive, has now made its way through DEI trainings in these branches. It is naive to believe this is not divisive among recruits or people in the military,” Schmitt said as he and his Republican colleagues grilled U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Army officials.