Milley Declares US Blank Check For Ukraine Will Continue

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirmed on Tuesday what many U.S. conservatives fear: that there may be no end in sight to the massive outlay of taxpayer dollars flowing to Ukraine.

The general emphasized this point, saying American involvement would last “for as long as it takes.” Clearly there is no exit strategy and precious little thought given to just how much Americans are willing to bear.

Milley spoke along with Defense Secretary Austin Lloyd to a group of reporters over the U.S. role in the proxy war. The general doubled down on Washington’s open-ended commitment to supporting the Ukrainian military.

His outlook was less than optimistic for Kyiv’s military, which is propped up daily by Western nations. Milley called the counteroffensive’s progress “deliberate” and “steady” and said forces have liberated “over 54% of Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the controversial general declared it will be “very, very difficult” for the forces of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to dislodge the Russian military.

Speaking in Germany, Milley indicated the best outlook for this year is for “stabilizing the front” with Russia. He expressed hope that as much Ukrainian territory as possible would be liberated.

A recent Morning Consult poll showed less than half of Americans believe it is the obligation of this country to continue to aid the war effort against Russia.

This is a far cry from the early days of the conflict when most Americans threw their support behind Kyiv.

Voters continue to deal with the fallout of President Joe Biden’s economy, and this undoubtedly contributes to their reluctance to commit to unending assistance.

Despite most Americans being against this hemorrhaging of taxpayer dollars, Milley proudly listed the military hardware sent to Kyiv. He told of missiles from the U.S. arsenal and everything from basic military hardware to mechanized infantry fighting vehicles.

He added that Washington — and thus U.S. taxpayers — will “support Ukraine until Putin’s unwarranted, illegal and ruinous war of choice comes to an end.”

But what will that end look like?

On the U.S. side, there is certainly not a clear objective. And Ukrainian officials starting with Zelenskyy continuously double down on goals that appear more impossible by the day.

However, according to the current administration, the American commitment has no end in sight.