Mitt Romney Pans Biden Over Lies About The Senate Filibuster

Quite frankly, the Democrat Party has only embarrassed itself with the outright falsehoods they continue to spew regarding the Senate filibuster.

Every Democrat who is now demanding the demise of the Senate filibuster has either used or supported the filibuster. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and other anti-filibuster Democrats used the filibuster to benefit their party.

Obama, Biden, Schumer, and other leftists gave impassioned speeches years ago about the sanctity of the Senate filibuster and the horrors that would extend from its downfall.

Now, Democrats want to flip the script because having the filibuster in place makes it harder for them to have their way as the majority party in Congress. Earlier this week, Biden went to Atlanta, Georgia, where he delivered one of the most dishonest and divisive speeches in history.

The 46th President is rightfully being called out for it. One of Biden’s most vocal critics is Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, as confirmed by the National Review.

During remarks on the Senate floor this week, Sen. Romney pointed out the plethora of lies that Biden told when rallying against the filibuster in Georgia.

Romney slammed Biden for insinuating that Republican lawmakers and other Americans who oppose killing the filibuster are somehow equivalent to racists and segregationists.

The Utah Republican also rightfully pointed out that assertions of this nature are not in keeping with unifying the country, something that Biden promised to do when giving his inaugural speech about one year ago.

Romney furthermore pointed out the nonsensical nature of Democrats trying to strike down the Senate filibuster when they can’t even manage to get 50 senators in support of their bills. Finally, the Utah lawmaker warned that Democrats might soon live to regret their calls to demolish the filibuster.

Just like Democrats don’t have the votes to pass Build Back Better or their federal elections legislation through the Senate, they also don’t have the votes to remove the filibuster.

All 50 Senate Republicans are against the demise of the filibuster. Joining these lawmakers are moderate Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. The majority has spoken, and, in this case, the majority is also bipartisan.

If Democrats can’t pass their bills through Congress, then maybe it’s a sign these bills are bad for the nation. The more radical the left becomes, the more they lose the few moderates like Manchin and Sinema who remain in their party.