Monica Lewinsky Has A Message For Bill Clinton After All These Years

The Clintons are back! At least back under the microscope. Americans aren’t going to let the Clintons forget all of their transgressions, and they shouldn’t. Abusing political power is disgraceful, and if nobody holds them accountable, it allows others to exploit their position of power even more.

The infamous moment when former President Donald Trump brought all of Bill Clinton’s accusers to the debate against Hilary Clinton will forever be the greatest debate move in history. That energy should continue as we dive further into Clinton’s political influence.

“Believe all women” has become a catchphrase with no real repercussions for wrongdoings. Whether Tara Reade against President Joe Biden or Christine Blasey against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the severity and “believability” differences couldn’t be further.

Monica Lewinsky is back in the headlines saying that Bill Clinton should apologize about what happened in the ‘90s with their affair and his complete denial of the situation. The Clinton’s have both thrown Lewinsky under the bus and focused on more critical issues like going after Republicans who have been accused of sexual misconduct. Did anyone hear Hilary Clinton say anything about Eric Swalwell when “Fang Fang” slept with him to gain access to secrets she relayed to the Chinese government? Didn’t think so.

Lewinsky said that she’s moved past the incident and has made her life better but noted that Bill Clinton should apologize. The incident was primarily swept away when the media focused on new topics. The Clinton’s have since been seemingly untouchable in politics, and rumors of the Clintons being involved in murder plots and human trafficking have been mainly uninvestigated. It begs the question, why?

Democrats have a system where they will cover for each other no matter the claim, and their downfall will be as a whole rather than singularly. Republicans have no problem calling each other out and have only gotten stronger. With social media being more prevalent now than ever, it shows that nobody can hide forever.

The new documentary that Lewinsky was part of is called “Impeached: American Crime Story” and will highlight the downfalls of the Clinton presidency. The documentary is supposedly going to dive into how the impeachment of Bill Clinton shaped politics and women’s rights. Still, it seems that America has spiraled backward, at least if you’re on the Democrat side of the aisle.

While Lewinsky is ashamed of her behavior, the documentary will be revolutionary to politics moving forward.