Monoclonal Antibodies Become The “Latest Casualty” Of The Biden Administration

For months now, monoclonal antibodies have been a necessary treatment in helping people with COVID. Florida, back in 2021, made headlines for the success they had of using monoclonal antibodies to treat individuals who tested positive for coronavirus.

However, like many things related to COVID, certain groups have perceived these treatments very differently. For instance, once Florida started having a certain level of success with monoclonal antibody treatments, the Biden Administration decided to intervene.

First, the White House cut off states’ access to monoclonal antibodies. Then, in a matter of weeks later, news came out that the Food and Drug Administration was revoking the emergency authorization for these treatments altogether.

These onslaughts against monoclonal antibodies come despite their documented track record of treating COVID-positive individuals, including those who have been wholly vaccinated against the virus.

Now, as covered by TheBlaze, Florida is speaking out about yet another haphazard call from the federal government under the presidency of Joe Biden.

The White House wants Americans to believe that monoclonal antibody treatments have been canceled because they supposedly don’t work against Omicron and may furthermore engender unwanted side effects.

What the White House isn’t telling the American public, however, is that the FDA has failed to provide a single shred of clinical, peer-reviewed data to support this claim. Governor DeSantis mentioned as much as other Republican leaders.

Furthermore, monoclonal antibodies have shown to be highly effective against the Delta variant. During a White House media briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that scientists and the medical community known to be effective against this virus are COVID vaccines and boosters.

Psaki didn’t mention that monoclonal antibody treatments have been sought out by high numbers of individuals who were already vaccinated. Therefore, when the FDA stepped in and outlawed these treatments, countless Americans’ appointments were canceled effective immediately.

The federal government’s decision to ban monoclonal antibodies comes amidst talk of a new vaccine for Omicron. Many people do not believe the timing of this is a coincidence.

No one needs to be a genius to look at this situation, read between the lines, and see the writing on the wall.

The Biden Administration’s takedown of monoclonal antibodies is rooted in a control agenda. They don’t appreciate seeing the success of these treatments, even in people who’ve already been vaccinated.

Therefore, the federal government decided the best move was to revoke the emergency authorization, cut off monoclonal antibody treatment access, and then claim these therapies as ineffective.