More Democrats Wave The White Flag Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

The Democrat Party, since taking power in the 2020 presidential election, has not played the long game.

When the left took back control of the federal government, they immediately rushed to implement one radical measure after the other. It’s almost as if the Democrats’ game plan is to push through as many socialist policies as possible before they inevitably lose Congress to the GOP.

This approach is now beginning to backfire on the political left. Ahead of the 2022 midterms, virtually every poll and election points to the reality Republicans are going to sweep Democrats next November.

For this reason, more Democrat lawmakers are waving the white flag ahead of next year’s midterm races, as Life Site News confirms.

As of right now, there are 17 Democrats in Congress who are planning to retire or seek positions as mayors, governors, senators, etc.

With Democrats having historically narrow majorities in the House and Senate, it speaks volumes that so many lawmakers in their party are declining to stick around after next year. It sends a clear message that many Democrats believe their party will not emerge victoriously come next year’s midterm races.

On top of this, redistricting is another element of the 2022 midterm elections working against the political left. Republicans are targeting areas and districts where Democrats are vulnerable. It also comes on top of generic midterm ballots where Republicans hold double-digit leads over their Democratic counterparts.

The writing is very clear on the wall here. Republicans’ comeback in the Virginia state elections only further solidifies the message that next year’s midterm races belong to Republicans.

Many Republicans had stated next year’s midterm elections would repeat what happened in 2010 when Democrats took back power, got too big for their britches, and then lost Congress.

In 2021, Democrats have a president sinking in approval ratings every time a new poll comes out. The outcome of Virginia’s state elections earlier this month proved that Biden’s low approval numbers are, in fact, a liability to Democrats in other races.

These factors are why Democrats are waving the white flag and getting out of Congress while the getting is good. Their party overplayed their hand (just as they did in 2010), and come next year, voters will make their voices heard accordingly.

The good news about the impending red wave, however, is that it’s the very first step to getting this nation back on the right track.