More GOP States Should Follow Florida’s Lead

Florida has taken the uncontested lead in standing up to the Centers for Disease Control’s ill-conceived mandates and restrictions, but so far, it’s just one hand clapping until other red states step up and join in.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration’s new Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, are blazing a trail away from the CDC’s ineffective and draconian misinformation to a new and positive path that relies on what actually works and not just regurgitating the same old failed methods over and over again.

But there are 28 Republican governors in the United States and fully 23 of them have GOP majorities in their state legislatures. So precisely what is preventing them from taking control of their own people’s health decisions away from federal power and placing it back into their hands?

That’s an excellent question.

Deeply red states that are never in play for presidential or even gubernatorial elections still have statewide health departments that endlessly pitch the need to wear face decorations despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Meanwhile, the Florida Department of Health issued an alert to doctors statewide urging them to use their “individual clinical judgment and expertise” in treating patients. And while this is seemingly common sense, especially in GOP “dominated” states, it is rare in this time of deferring personal liberties to the bumbling federal government.

While California and New York are spreading misinformation about the effectiveness of masking and the never-ending series of vaccinations and boosters is predictable, the same messages emanating from health departments in Alabama, North Dakota, Idaho, Arizona and many otherwise sensible states are problematic.

Indeed, the CDC and hawkers of medical groupthink are hard-pressed to deny the positive COVID-related numbers coming out of the Sunshine State. As California has a higher percentage of its population vaccinated and has much stronger restrictions, its infection rates are far higher than Florida’s. And that’s not even factoring in the older people of Florida, who we are told daily are at a much higher risk level.

Instead, thus far, it’s just Florida, led by DeSantis and Ladapo, taking control of their health departments back from the CDC and bucking pervasive corporate masking rules, misguided isolation times and burdensome mandates for children.

The national media, which fawns over any positive news coming from lockdown-prone blue states, have been deafeningly silent in noting Florida’s fantastic performance on the pandemic front since DeSantis wrested decision-making away from the CDC and back to his state’s citizens and medical community.

Indeed, “Buck the CDC” has become the mantra for the only state in the union willing at least so far to plot its course and follow science, not Fauci’s dreamworld.