More History Destroyed As Reconciliation Monument Being Torn Down

The sweeping effort by the Biden administration and its leftist allies to rewrite history in their own image continued this week. The Reconciliation Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery is being torn down to appease those who want to eradicate these monuments from the nation.

There was temporary hope when U.S. District Judge Rossie David Alston Jr. of Virginia momentarily stopped the scheme to destroy the monument. But he changed his mind on Tuesday, and now the 109-year-old piece of history is coming down.

A spirited lawsuit by Defend Arlington filed in the District of Columbia against the Army is now dead. The military oversees the cemetery and was accused of breaching regulations in the rush to destroy the monument.

The 116th Congress set a Jan. 1, 2024 deadline for all of the nation’s military assets with any perceivable link to the Confederacy to be obliterated.

The 2020 mandate, passed during the height of the violent Black Lives Matter riots, made its aim clear. The Department of Defense must delete all “names, symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia that honor or commemorate the Confederate States of America.”

Apparently, it’s mission accomplished.

The cemetery said that gravestones and monuments around the statue will be protected while the memorial is being dismantled.

Some Republican lawmakers protested the move. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding the memorial remain in place until the fiscal year 2024 appropriations are concluded.

He argued that the Reconciliation Memorial was in fact a tribute to national unity. Clyde said it was not erected to honor the Confederacy and removing it would desecrate the graves of southern soldiers buried there.

The letter said that the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act “clearly overstepped its authority” when it recommended the monument’s removal from Arlington. The combat veteran’s letter to Austin was signed by 43 other GOP lawmakers.

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin also joined the chorus of disapproval over the controversial action.

Their words obviously fell on deaf ears as the race to destroy southern history sped ahead.