More Than 5,400 NYC Cops Injured Fighting Illegal Immigrant Crisis

It’s been well-reported that the illegal immigration crisis is causing spikes in crime throughout the country. But, what’s not getting enough attention is the welfare of law enforcement agents who are doing their best to keep crime at bay and prevent all-out mayhem.

In New York City alone, projections suggest that more than 5,400 police officers were injured while interacting with suspects in 2023 — much of which came as crime spiked during the illegal immigration crisis.

While the full data for 2023 hasn’t been released as of yet, there were 4,077 officers injured by suspects through the first nine months of the year. Projections indicated that the total number of officers injured in 2023 would reach 5,436.

That would be a big increase over the 4,724 officers injured in 2022, which was already a big increase over the 3,933 who were injured in 2021.

“That’s not only a record, it’s a full-blown epidemic,” Patrick Hendry, the president of the Police Benevolent Association, said. “The vicious attacks on police officers we’ve seen recently didn’t come out of nowhere. This dangerous environment has been building for years.”

Hendry added that nothing would get better in this regard “until those who attack police officers are consistently prosecuted and kept in jail.”

This problem was on full display recently, when a mob of illegal aliens beat two police officers in Times Square. After the suspects were arrested, they were subsequently released without bail by notoriously soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and have since fled New York City.

After a wave of recent violent incidents involving illegal aliens, New York City expanded its curfew at shelters housing illegal aliens. The curfew, which runs from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., was initially only applicable at four shelters. Now, 20 others will be subject to this curfew, which will impact roughly 3,600 illegal aliens.

The city is hoping that forcing the illegal aliens to return to the shelters during prime crime hours will help to reduce the number of violent incidents.