More White House Aides ‘Leave’ The Sinking Ship

One overarching theme has been turnover since the Biden Administration has controlled the White House.

The Biden Administration isn’t doing an excellent job of winning over the American people, and apparently, the same goes for people working within the White House.

Of course, the folks over on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue want everyone to believe there’s nothing to all these resignations. However, anyone paying attention knows better.

White House aides who have been on the beat for less than one year have been suddenly finding reasons to leave and “new opportunities” that take them elsewhere. On top of all the reported dysfunction in the White House, it makes the writing on the wall very clear.

Breitbart News confirms that yet another aide working for the Vice President is leaving the Administration.

Days ago, the nation learned that Kate Childs Graham, the speechwriter for Vice President Harris, is leaving her post. Harris’ deputy communications director announced Graham’s departure via Twitter. The speechwriter will be heading onto her “next adventure” and be missed by the White House.

Of course, just like other White House aides, and aides working specifically under Harris, there’s been no explanation for why Graham is leaving. However, the reports of the Vice President being horrible to work for are still standing.

Harris allegedly lashes out at her staffers when she doesn’t get her way. Past aides to the current Vice President have referred to her as a bully. Judging how many of Harris’ employees depart from the job, believing these claims isn’t that difficult.

The high turnover rates within the Biden Administration only serve to wound its already low credibility further. If the White House can’t keep its aides consistently on the beat, how can it be expected to deliver results for the rest of the nation?

The Vice President’s loss of her speechwriter does not come at a perfect time. Harris is already underwater, with approval numbers lower than Biden’s in some cases.
Things have gotten so horrible for the Vice President that top Democrats are questioning how significant she should play in the party in the future.

For some time, Harris was viewed as the obvious next choice for the 2024 presidential election if Biden chose not to run.

However, in light of Harris’s immensely negative press, plus her low approval numbers, there’s talk about Hillary Clinton challenging Biden in the Democratic primary.