Moscow Denies Link To Pentagon Leaks

Moscow is a leading suspect in the investigation over the leak of more than 100 documents. These pages were initially posted on an online forum before the New York Times published a more comprehensive report Friday.

Russia obliquely denied any participation in the leaks Monday. American officials have not determined the source of the leak, but do not rule out a potential Russian role.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow “cannot comment on this in any way.” He added that “there is in fact a tendency to always blame everything on Russia.”

Russia may be concerned due to multiple elements revealed within the documents. The first is that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had reportedly pushed for long-range strikes into Russia.

The plan allegedly would bomb Russian forces within that country’s borders using drones. A strike over the Russian border has a serious possibility of escalating the war further.

The leaks allegedly state that the United States has a significant spy network in Russia, which allows it to warn Ukraine about impending attacks.

The documents also reveal that Ukraine is likely running out of crucial stocks of antiaircraft ammunition. Ukraine’s air force is outnumbered by more than 10-to-1 by their Russian counterparts.

According to the documents, Ukraine will run out of ammunition for two of its most important defense systems by May 3.

The Biden administration announced last week two different aid packages totaling more than $2.5 billion for Ukraine, including a number of rockets and artillery shells.

The documents also reveal that the United States has been spying on Zelensky’s government. The Ukrainian president announced a meeting with his country’s defense officials to prevent future leaks.

Peskov called the revelation “quite interesting,” adding that “the United States has been spying on various heads of state, especially in European capitals, for a long time now.”

The leaks also indicate that the Russian-backed Wagner Group, a mercenary group, sought arms from U.S. ally Turkey. However, it was not clear whether or not the group was able to secure arms from the nation.

One document appeared to indicate that the United States, along with other NATO allies, deployed special forces in Ukraine.