Most Americans Don’t Want Electric Vehicles

At each and every turn, the Biden administration screams from the rooftops about the need for people to use electric vehicles.

Vice President Kamala Harris says these vehicles are better for the environment and won’t come with a smell of diesel gas. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm boasts about the tax credits Americans can receive if they move to using electric vehicles.

Likewise, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg claims these vehicles will save Americans more money in the long run.

However, the gap between what the Biden administration is proposing versus what people actually think about using electric vehicles is massive. A new poll now confirms most Americans aren’t too keen on trading in their gas-powered cars after all.

The Verdict From the American People
In a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, 54% of Americans maintain there’s no practicality to the use of electric vehicles. Just a meager 28% told the pollster that they believe electric vehicles are feasible for the general public to use.

Additional polling goes on to reveal that another 18% of Americans aren’t truly sure about how practical electric vehicles are.

The federal government can (and likely will) continue to promote these vehicles as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yet, the data shows this message is largely failing.

The Biden administration’s failure to convince even one-third of the nation that electric vehicles are practical is furthermore an indictment of this all-or-nothing, leftist climate change agenda.

Negative PR Regarding Electric Vehicles
Despite the claims from the White House, electric vehicles are constantly running into issues. This could very well be a factor in which so many Americans have deemed them to be not practical.

For starters, many electric vehicle charging stations don’t even work. This means once someone’s car runs out, they’re stranded unless they can find a proper charging station.

Somehow, the White House is pushing for new spending on electric vehicle charging stations. Yet, the ones in existence today that are still having problems haven’t been addressed. There’s been no clear announcement as to what’s causing these very real issues.

California, meanwhile, is working to completely phase out the sales of gas-powered cars by the year 2035. Within days of this news coming out, the Golden State also made headlines for urging its residents not to fully charge their electric vehicles, owing to the need to conserve energy.