Mother Of Fentanyl Victim Blasts Fetterman Over Crime

A Pennsylvania mother who lost her daughter to a fentanyl overdose joined “Fox and Friends First” Tuesday to blast Democrats for their soft-on-crime criminal justice reform.

Leslie Holt recounted that Pennsylvania Democratic candidate for Senate John Fetterman dismissed the severity of the U.S. crime wave and cautioned viewers about his lack of understanding of the crisis.

Holt explained that her powerful message was not solely for Fetterman but included “any other politician” who is not in line with victims’ rights. She said that her rights as a parent and her daughter’s to simply be alive are not something “you can just blithely push away.”

Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz concurs with Holt. Writing in a Fox News op-ed, the candidate charged that “under the Joe Biden and John Fetterman agenda, violent crime has surged.”

He noted that Philadelphia in 2021 broke its all-time record for homicide deaths with 562. That pace, he added, is being kept this year.

Fetterman has resisted charges of being lax on crime, but his record speaks otherwise. It was just in 2018 when courting an endorsement for lieutenant governor, he answered a questionnaire for progressive anti-police organization Reclaim Philadelphia.

He told the group that he stood in opposition to “tough on crime” policies and behind the criminal justice reform efforts of the Philadelphia District Attorney.

That progressive DA was George Soros-backed Larry Krasner, whose record is so abysmal that he now faces impeachment.

Fetterman further told the organization that he would use the lieutenant governor’s office as a “bully pulpit” to focus on reform efforts. He talked about the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline” and the prison-industrial complex.

Oz and his Republican supporters are using Fetterman’s words and record to spotlight the dangers of electing another soft-on-crime legislator. As the grieving Pennsylvania mother declared, the rights of victims cannot afford to be set aside.