MSNBC’s Attack On Lauren Boebert Backfires

In Colorado’s 3rd District, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is running for reelection against Democratic opponent Adam Frisch. Polls show that both candidates are neck-in-neck with one another. Although Boebert has a slight lead.

Naturally, Americans who are closely watching the election are weighing in. Votes are still being counted. While Democrats are hoping for Frisch to regain the lead he previously had, Republicans are rooting for Boebert to make it across the finish line.

Mainstream media channels continue to follow and cover this race as well. Though as for MSNBC, the network is currently under fire for its assessment of Boebert’s career going forward.

A Horrible Look for MSNBC
MSNBC is more than clear that it would love nothing more than for Boebert’s House seat to flip blue. This led to the network speculating about what Boebert might do career-wise if she does, in fact, end up losing her election to Frisch.

Following a question from MSNBC host Joy Reid about what could come next for Boebert, left-wing strategist Kurt Bardella stated the pornographic OnlyFans site may benefit from Boebert losing her election.

The implication that Boebert would turn to sex work was not pushed back against by Reid or many other leftists who claim to support women. However, one Democrat, that being Pennsylvania’s Alexandria Hunt, slammed Bardella for implying that “shame” exists in using OnlyFans.

Conservatives also took to social media to call out Bardella’s comment about Boebert, along with the lack of pushback from MSNBC.

In response to Hunt’s feedback, Bardella alleged that shaming women was never his intention. However, the Democratic strategist also made it clear that he does not take criticism from conservatives seriously when it comes to this issue.

Incoming Victory For Boebert?
As it turns out, MSNBC and Bardella may soon be forced to eat their own words. Despite being in a tight election, Boebert’s slight lead over Frisch still exists. Even if the Colorado Republican wins by only a few thousand or hundred votes, this will still be enough to keep her in the House of Representatives.

On social media, Boebert is encouraging her supporters to donate to her campaign and beware of any stunts the left may try to pull. Thus far, MSNBC has yet to air an apology for backing Kurt Bardella’s remarks about Boebert.