MSNBC’s Reid Harps On ‘Hyperpartisan’ Clinton Impeachment

Even after Democratic lawmakers wasted time and resources pursuing a pair of failed impeachment efforts against then-President Donald Trump, some leftists in the mainstream media are still engrossed in a GOP-led impeachment trial from nearly a quarter-century ago.

According to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, then-President Bill Clinton’s 1998 impeachment for lying under oath about an extramarital affair was, at its core, a “trolling strategy” by Republicans. In an on-air segment earlier this week, she went on to claim that the GOP has only embraced that “toxic hyperpartisan” strategy even more tightly in the decades since.

“It actually was the biggest scandal ever for a lot of Republicans, who sunk their teeth into a chance to take down a Democratic president,” she proclaimed.

Claiming that the entire process was undertaken “with the help of right-wing talk radio and an outspoken clan of Clinton enemies, not to mention a very, very thirsty mainstream media,” Reid attempted to tie that historical event to the more recent behavior of Trump and his allies.

She referenced a number of investigations into Trump “for his actions after the election along with his retention of classified documents at his Mar-A-Lago estate after his presidency ended,” including a probe in Georgia “focused on Trump’s push to have the election results altered there.”

Reid noted that the former president is also facing investigations in New York related to his business practices.

“Earlier this month, a jury in New York found the Trump organization guilty of all charges in a sweeping 15-year tax fraud scheme that prosecutors said was orchestrated by top executives at his company, and Trump is about to take a hit on that one thing, the thing he is most sensitive about and shifty about, too, his tax returns,” she said.

While Reid was attempting to portray Republicans as a “hyperpartisan” group that would stop at nothing to bring down a Democratic president, her diatribe actually revealed the extent to which Trump’s opponents are willing to go in order to derail his bid for another term in the White House.

As a guest on her own program argued, the findings of the recently concluded House Jan. 6 commission supposedly affirmed the leftist belief that Trump is disqualified from ever holding public office again.

After the Democratic-led panel voted to refer multiple criminal charges against Trump to the Justice Department, the former president responded in a post to his Truth Social platform.

“These folks don’t get it that when they come after me, people who love freedom rally around me,” he wrote. “It strengthens me. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”