Musk Responds To Subpoena On Epstein Case

The US Virgin Islands has taken legal action by issuing a subpoena to entrepreneur Elon Musk in their attempts to loop him into the ongoing lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase. Musk, the CEO of Tesla, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, describing it as “idiotic on so many levels.”

According to court filings cited by Fox Business, the Virgin Islands seeks specific documents to establish the investment bank’s liability in relation to sex trafficking activities facilitated by Jeffrey Epstein.

The allegations against JPMorgan involve enabling Epstein’s recruiters to make payments to victims, playing an “indispensable” role in the operation and concealment of the trafficking enterprise. The summons, dated April 28, has proven difficult to serve on Musk, as the island government has been unable to locate him.

Consequently, they have requested a federal judge to serve Tesla Inc. instead. The Virgin Islands authorities suspect that Epstein, a convicted sex offender, may have referred Musk to JP Morgan as a potential client or attempted to do so.

Upon learning of the development, Musk responded to a tweet from Unusual Whales, referring to Epstein as a “cretin.” Musk then proceeded to dismantle the accusations. Firstly, he denied ever receiving advice from Epstein, emphasizing that the notion of seeking financial guidance from a criminal was absurd.

Secondly, he criticized JPMorgan’s past performance, recalling how they let Tesla down years ago, despite having the company’s global commercial banking business, which Tesla ultimately withdrew from. Musk concluded by affirming he had never forgiven the bank for the incident and had severed ties with JP Morgan over a decade ago.

There is widespread speculation the notice issued to Elon Musk may be politically motivated. Critics argue the timing and nature of the order raise questions about potential ulterior motives behind targeting the high-profile entrepreneur.

The question remains whether Musk will comply with the summons if successfully served by the Virgin Islands. The Caribbean island has even employed a private investigator to aid in their harassment of the billionaire, but as of now — the outcome of this legal battle and Musk’s response to the subpoena remain uncertain.