Nancy Pelosi And Joe Biden Deserve Each Other Spewing Nonsense And Contradictions

Division among some fake conservatives and genuine conservatives is natural. But the most significant confusion in politics is between Biden and Pelosi. A total agreement may not be possible because these two dunces can barely string together two sentences. 

The anti-President Biden has his ideas about how to shrink the $3.5 trillion budget. Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) thinks that she is in charge, and she must think, “why won’t this old man just do what he is told?”

Confronted with the possibility of losing the bill altogether and inviting a government shutdown, Democrats are trying to figure out how to reduce spending. Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema seem to be back seat drivers begging the Speak of the House Pelosi to pull over. But mama wants to get home now, which means breaking a couple of eggs to mix the metaphors. 

Democrats have been discussing strategies that can pull this sinking ship together. 

Biden and Pelosi need Chuck Schumer to find a way to get Sinema and Manchin to consent to burn through $2 trillion instead of $3.5 trillion. Easier said than done. Democrats could spotlight fewer needs and fund them with ongoing spending bills. Or they could make like true leftists and ram the entire bill through without any reductions. 

By creating more outstanding entitlements and expanding the government-industrial complex, more people love the Big Nanny State. The ultimate expectation of Democrats is that individuals will become reliant upon these programs, like drug addicts. Even if Republicans retake power, they could not get rid of them. When 50-60% of Americans depend on government handouts or contracts for their necessities, the third rail grows. 

Pelosi seemed to indicate that the direction she would like to go is doing more with less. She thinks Democrats can win over families with specific economic and jobs programs and capably address the environmental emergency by focusing on fully funding particular programs. She now is offering a compromise bill for the Breaking Bad Better plan. She wants to rely on that old saw “Do It For The Children!”

Biden is saying the opposite, and he wants to shorten the duration of programs. He would prefer to cut the timeframe of social services and the climate change package rather than eliminate some. Instead, he would get all the programs passed, even if it meant funding them only for a few years. 

Bernie Sanders tried to get West Virginias to attack Joe Manchin by writing a critical op-ed in Sunday’s Charleston Gazette-Mail. At least he did not follow him into the bathroom shouting obscenities and banging on the walls. 

Biden’s attempt to seal the deal comes as Democrats are worried that the American public has turned on them. Leftists are trying to push it through while Democrats are distracted by the close Virginia governor’s race. Biden’s Breaking Bad Better is holding up Pete Buttigieg’s baby, the $1 trillion bill that passed the Senate. Let’s hope that confusion gives birth to further delays and that maybe cooler heads prevail. The best-case scenario, however unlikely, is a stripped-down spending bill that addresses many more immediate concerns of American citizens.