Nancy Pelosi Embarrasses Herself In Latest Cheerleading Stunt For Biden

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made it nauseatingly clear to the country that she’s one of Joe Biden’s biggest fans.

Pelosi routinely goes out of her way to sing Biden’s praises, even referring to him as “just perfect” during a Christmas event in 2021. Meanwhile, as the House Speaker pretends as though Biden can do no wrong, she’s become even more out of touch with Americans.

Most Americans strongly disagree despite Pelosi determining that Biden is “just perfect,” most Americans strongly disagree. It is made apparent because more than half of the country does not approve of Biden.

On Tuesday, the House Speaker was questioned directly by MSNBC about the negative feedback Biden’s getting from Americans in various polls. Pelosi, of course, didn’t hesitate to sink to a new low, as PJ Media covers.

During an interview with MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi was asked about her thoughts on the reality that Americans worry about the economy on Biden’s watch.

Likewise, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell informed Pelosi that energy costs would only rise in the United States due to ongoing geopolitical affairs. It came on top of Mitchell noting that Biden’s approval ratings on his response to coronavirus have considerably declined.

Pelosi’s response to all of this was to declare that for the American public to carry “appreciation” for Biden’s presidency, they need to understand what all he’s done in the office.

The House Speaker then inferred that Biden’s State of the Union Address would be critical in Americans comprehending and appreciating Biden’s done.

Not long after Pelosi’s comments on MSNBC, many Americans pushed back against her on social media.

Twitter users, for instance, noted that they are dealing with the real-life consequences of what Biden’s done as president. However, contrary to Pelosi’s misguided perception, these consequences are unfavorable.

Other people declared the House Speaker’s inference that Americans somehow cannot understand Biden’s done since getting into office is insulting and condescending.

All of the above reactions are merited and appropriate. However, there’s also a much bigger lesson in this that all Americans should be aware of.

The more important lesson is that Democrats like Biden and Pelosi don’t care about their policies’ impacts.

These people talk a good game about being for the working class, for minorities, for everyday Americans, etc. However, the only things Democrats are out for are themselves and more power at the end of the day.

Pelosi’s inability to publicly recognize and condemn the harm Biden’s done to Americans is all the more reason to vote her and other leftists out of power.