Nancy Pelosi Remains Delusionally Oblivious About Biden’s Presidency

As more and more Americans struggle from the Biden Administration’s ruinous policies, growing members of the Democrat Party continue to show how disconnected they are from the country.

Several weeks ago, Hillary Clinton criticized Americans for not being thankful towards Joe Biden. Clinton stated that people across the nation ought to be grateful for Biden’s job in the White House.

Clinton received immense backlash for being astoundingly aloof about the negative, nationwide impacts of the Biden Administration on America.

However, Clinton is far from the only one. As PJ Media reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made remarks somewhat along these lines; she, too, is now being called out for having such an out-of-touch, tone-deaf take on the job Biden is doing as president.

During a celebratory Democratic National Committee event, Pelosi went overboard in singing the praises of the 46th president. According to the House Speaker, Biden is a “great” president, and America is supposedly blessed to have him in office.

From this point, Pelosi continued, declaring the people of the United States “can relax” now that Biden is in office. She then described the 46th president as having hands that are both “experienced” and “capable” of leading.

Pelosi also made a point to praise Kamala Harris, stating the country was blessed to have her partner as the president. This statement comes amid increasing reports of tension between Biden and Harris.

Some reports suggest that Biden wants to install a different vice president altogether. Yet, whether or not this happens remains to be seen.

In light of the multitude of problems facing the nation, there was mixed feedback regarding Pelosi’s assessment of Biden’s presidency. Many Americans branded the House Speaker as out of touch and delusional for making such outrageous remarks that fly in the face of reality.

Other people stated that Pelosi doesn’t believe that Biden is this perfect, oh-so-great president, yet she wants Americans to think she thinks this. Whether the former or latter is accurate, the fact that Pelosi had the gall even to make these remarks is grounds for reproach.

Every single poll to come out over the past several months demonstrates that Pelosi’s assessment of Biden is the polar opposite of where Americans stand. If Biden were so great and capable, he would not have a consistently net negative approval rating nationwide.

If Democrats truly believe what Pelosi said to the Democratic National Committee, they are woefully out of touch and mistaken. The irony is that this will be their downfall when the 2022 midterms arrive.