Nancy Pelosi’s Behavior During State Of The Union Address Leaves Everyone Cringing

Since Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, the feedback has been pouring in.

The overwhelming consensus shows that Biden didn’t do so well. He spent a lot of time trying to gaslight the American people and pretend as though his leadership isn’t forcing America towards the brink of collapse.

The 46th president, while speaking on Tuesday, also revealed just how out-of-touch he is when it comes to where Americans stand and what they’re facing. In the end, the State of the Union Address didn’t do a single thing to change anyone’s minds about what an objective disaster has been.

However, on top of criticism directed towards Biden, much of the country is talking about odd behavior displays from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi sat behind Biden while he was giving his address on Tuesday. However, as TheBlaze points out, her behavior quickly went viral.

During one segment of Biden’s address, he talked about the soldiers in Afghanistan who lost their lives due to his haphazard withdrawal.

However, when the president expressly mentioned inhaling dangerous smoke, Pelosi stood up, grinned peculiarly and started moving her knuckles together.

Footage of Pelosi doing this has quickly circulated across various social media platforms and has been viewed millions of times. Many Americans questioned why the House Speaker behaved oddly upon hearing about soldiers breathing in smoke that could damage their health.

Other people stated that Pelosi’s behavior on Tuesday indicated that she was either drunk or suffering from mental health issues. Nevertheless, the footage of Pelosi grinning and rubbing her fists together has been repeatedly memes on various social networking sites.

The House Speaker has not given any public explanation about why she behaved in such an odd and inappropriate manner.

At this point, just about everyone in America is aware of various speculations about whether or not Biden is in his right mind. However, similar questions have been raised about the 81-year-old Pelosi over the past few months.

These questions are generated not because of Pelosi’s age, but because of various episodes, everyone’s witnessed. For example, there have been various press conferences where Pelosi (like Biden) has stumbled over her words, failed to complete sentences and otherwise just did not make sense.

Pelosi’s time as a member of Congress is longer than some adults have been alive. It’s also why many Americans support term limits for House and Senate members.