Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Move Has America Talking

If there’s one thing Democrats have genuinely grown to loathe as of late, it’s the state of Florida. Democrats resent that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has repeatedly stood up for Floridians’ rights to make their own healthcare decisions.

Democrats are also enraged that despite all their talk about Florida being a COVID zone, it now has fewer cases than California. That comes despite all the lockdowns and mandates California’s implemented as Florida remains a free state.

Yet, despite how much Democrats despise the Florida governor and the state’s refusal to bow to tyranny, they still seem to find their way to the Sunshine State anyway.

In 2020, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer took a trip to Florida after putting residents of her state on lockdown. Whitmer isn’t the only Democrat showing significant levels of hypocrisy, though.

As the Next News Network documents, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushes a lavish beachfront house in Florida.

From the looks of things, Pelosi knows that her time in power is coming to a close. House Democrats are resigning from office in eyebrow-raising numbers. Meanwhile, Democrats are trailing Republicans in generic ballots of the midterm elections.

Pelosi is already beginning to plan for the next relaxing phase of her life post-Congress. It is evidenced by the House Speaker spending a grand $25 million on a mansion in Florida, a state under Republican leadership and with more GOP voters than Democrats.

It isn’t just hearsay, though. A broker has confirmed Pelosi’s plans to purchase property in the Jupiter area of the Sunshine State. Of course, the House Speaker has not publicly said about her plans to settle down in Florida. Nevertheless, the documentation speaks for itself here.

Please make no mistake. It’s inherently critical for Democrats like Pelosi to rip on Florida but then move to the state to enjoy its policies. However, the House Speaker’s choice to buy a beachfront home adds new layers of hypocrisy to the situation.

Pelosi, like other Democrats, constantly talks about climate change and the need for action. Leftists consistently fearmonger about the dangers of oceans rising. Yet, somehow, this didn’t stop Pelosi from purchasing a beachfront mansion.

She can’t be all that concerned about climate change and rising oceans if she’s willing to live directly on the water. It is yet another example of the reality that Democrats do not abide by what they preach.

Leftists want to make the rules for everyone else, but they’re not willing to follow them. What a disgrace.