NBC News Admits Trump Had No January 6 Contact with Oath Keepers or Stewart Rhodes

The narrative being pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee and the corporate media about President Donald Trump’s alleged involvement took a major blow with the admission by NBC News that Trump had “no contact” with Stewart Rhodes or the Oath Keepers about the demonstrations.

A large part of the conspiracy theory relied on by the January 6 Committee crumbled when the outlet reported that not only did President Trump not engage in communications with the group, Rhodes had “no ability to contact President Trump” or persons connected with him at any time.

The report confirms that the committee has “spoken extensively’ with attorney Kellye SoRelle, who acted as general counsel to the Oath Keepers organization and worked as a volunteer with the group Lawyers for Trump.

The committee had hoped that SoRelle would serve as a means to connect the Trump White House directly to the Oath Keepers and the “insurrection” they have alleged Rhodes and other members are guilty of. Instead, it has been revealed that Rhodes had no contacts inside the Trump administration.

It now appears that although Rhodes wanted to reach the president and the Trump organization through SoRelle, she was unable to assist him in that mission. She has told reporters that she has never communicated with Trump directly and acted to keep her work for Lawyers for Trump separate from her legal work for Oath Keepers.

SoRelle said that Rhodes was “hitting her up” for a contact inside the White House because he “didn’t have any access points.” The lack of contact information available to Rhodes makes the theory of a conspiracy between Trump, Rhodes, and the Oath Keepers impossible.

Even though the committee has accused Rhodes of playing a central role in what it calls a pre-planned insurrection, it has not called him to testify. Rhodes has also publicly offered to testify at a televised committee hearing. That has led to claims that his testimony would in fact be disastrous to the tightly woven narrative the committee has put forward.

Rhodes has claimed through his attorneys that neither he nor the Oath Keepers were in Washington on January 6, 2021, for the purpose of going inside the Capitol. They claim they were waiting for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act to stop the certification of electoral votes that were contested.

The NBC News report now appears to confirm Rhodes’ defense. The new report conflicts with previous claims by the committee and media that Rhodes had planned the intrusion into the Capitol Building well in advance with members of the Trump administration.