NBC News “Bodyslams” Biden In Stunning Report

For quite some time now, it’s been very well-established that the mainstream media is a largely pro-leftist, anti-conservative entity. Networks such as CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, NBC News, etc., routinely make it their business to rush to the defense of Democrats every chance they get.

However, in the case of Joe Biden, even the leftist-friendly media hasn’t been taking up for him as often.

These networks have been outrightly calling out Biden. One of the latest instances of this occurred when the 46th President claimed the fairness of November’s midterms would rely upon Democrats passing elections overhaul legislation.

However, this new year shows everyone (except perhaps Biden himself) what a terrible job Biden is doing in office. It could explain why NBC News ultimately called out some of the myriad issues facing the 46th President, as documented by TheBlaze.

Days ago, NBC News anchor Chuck Todd sounded off with what he thinks Biden’s issues are at the starting point of 2022.

According to Todd, the nation’s current President is not perceived. Therefore, this has created a situation where only 5% of American adults say Biden’s doing a better job than expected.

What’s even worse for Biden, though, is the reality that he’s lost the perception of being pleasant and personable. After pointing this out, Todd declared that Biden’s current approval ratings are on a historical track of the party in power (the Democrats) getting steamrolled in the midterms.

Later, the NBC News anchor mentioned how 72% of the populace believes the United States is not on the right course. After noting that this, too, doesn’t bode well for the party in power, Todd pointed out the first year of Biden’s presidency has left himself and Democrats in a difficult position.

During the earliest days of the Biden Administration, when he faced criticism, the White House was just able to write it off as conservative talking points. However, that ship has sailed.

NBC News is far from a friend to conservatives. Therefore, it speaks volumes when the network is willing to give an openly scathing review of a Democrat President.

It also shows that conservatives and Republicans are far from alone in having issues with this current White House. Polls throughout 2021 showed Biden consistently losing support from Independent voters, a critical bloc that helped get him into office.

At this point, the President’s approval ratings would likely improve if he resigned from office effective immediately.