Neurologist Claims President Biden Displays Classic Signs Of Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Tom Pitts, a board-certified neurologist, has raised significant concerns about President Joe Biden’s health, asserting that Biden exhibits clear symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In an interview with NBC News, Pitts, who is also a Democrat, stated that Biden’s condition is so apparent he could diagnose it “from across the mall.”

Pitts detailed various symptoms he has observed in Biden, including word-finding difficulties and rigid movements, which are indicative of neurodegeneration. “He has the classic features of neurodegeneration,” Pitts noted. “Word-finding difficulties from degeneration of the word retrieval area, loss of arm swing, and en bloc turning are all hallmarks of Parkinson’s.”

The White House has been tight-lipped about Biden’s health, especially after it was revealed that a top Parkinson’s disease expert had visited the White House multiple times. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre cited security reasons for not confirming these visits, despite public records indicating otherwise.

Pitts dismissed the possibility that Biden’s symptoms could be related to his past stuttering issues. He pointed to Biden’s slow movements and low voice as further evidence of Parkinson’s. “If a med student did not pick Parkinson’s on the test, they’d be remediated,” Pitts stated, emphasizing the ease of diagnosing the disorder.

The controversy surrounding Biden’s health comes at a time when congressional Democrats are increasingly vocal about their concerns and are urging him to consider stepping down from the race. However, Biden remains adamant about his ability to continue and believes he has the best chance of defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 election.